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Welcome to! We are your #1 source for the latest free proxies. You will find sites on our proxy list that are mere minutes old! It can be very hard to find a good list of proxy sites. Many times you will run into lists flooded with cheap, free domains that offer the same level of cheap service. We don't allow proxies hosted on free domains to be submitted to our proxy list.

We work hard to maintain a fresh list of proxies for you. Check back often to see our list of new proxy sites!

Often times, all you want to do is unblock Facebook, MySpace, or access your email at work or school. At we are here to help you have the freedom and privacy you deserve online by providing you with up to date and high quality web proxies. If you want to find out more, please read why you may want to use a proxy site article.

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Proxy Hits Age 8731 4 years 2680 4 years 2741 4 years 1388 4 years 1735 4 years 1173 4 years 1847 4 years 957 4 years 1500 4 years 2394 4 years 2869 4 years 1326 4 years 1412 4 years 2321 4 years 2261 4 years 618 4 years 902 4 years 1413 4 years 2526 4 years 913 4 years